Call for Presenters: Improvisation in/as Pedagogy SMT 2024 in Jacksonville

We’re seeking researchers and educators specializing in improvisation to give hands-on presentations at the national conference of the Society for Music Theory this November. Below is a message sent out on the interest group listhosts: Improvisation IG and Music Theory Pedagogy IG are collaborating this year. I’m especially excited to see this year’s presenters and I’m ready to learn!

Dear colleagues,

The SMT Improvisation and Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Groups will meet jointly at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Music Theory in November 2024 in Jacksonville, FL. We invite proposals for short presentations, workshops, or teaching demonstrations of roughly 10 minutes on the topic of “Improvisation in/as Pedagogy.” Proposals that are practically oriented, involve hands-on engagement, and that respond to recent research in improvisation and theory pedagogy are preferred. 

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Incorporating improvisation and/or improvised works in the theory core
  • Improvisation in ear training pedagogy
  • Scaffolding improvisation
  • Schemas and improvisation in theory pedagogy
  • Historical improvisation techniques
  • Contemporary pedagogies of jazz performance
  • Cognitive theories of improvisation and pedagogy
  • Improvisation as self-expression

Proposals of up to 300 words should be submitted in PDF or DOCX format using the form at the following link: Inclusion of supplemental materials is optional. Media recordings of up to 2 minutes may be attached via YouTube link or cloud drive link. Proposals will be reviewed by the Interest Group chairs. Accepted presenters will be notified no later than September 1. Please note that all presentations must be presented in person in Jacksonville; remote/hybrid presentations will not be accepted.

Proposals must be submitted on or before August 1, 2024. Please send any questions to Sean Smither (

Best wishes,

Sean R. Smither (Chair, SMT Improvisation Interest Group)

Andrew Malilay White (Vice Chair, SMT Improvisation Interest Group)

Tim Chenette (Chair, SMT Music Theory Pedagogy Interest Group)